Taksim Square

Taksim & Pera

Once called the Grand Rue de Pera but renamed İstiklal (Independence) in the early years of the Republic, Beyoğlu’s premier boulevard is a perfect metaphor for 21st-century Turkey, being an exciting mix of modernity and tradition. Contemporary boutiques and cutting-edge cultural centres are housed in its grand 19th-century buildings, and an antique tram traverses its length alongside crowds of pedestrians making their way to the bustling cafes, bistros and bars for which Beyoğlu is known.

At the boulevard’s northern end is frantically busy Taksim Meydanı, the symbolic heart of the modern city.



Resting within the shadow of the HAGIA SOPHIA while brushing against the wall of the renowned TOPKAPI PALACE, this prime location earns Hagia Sofia Mansions a name amongst the most prestigious Hotels within the city.

Hippodrome Square – 200 m
Archaeology Museum – 650 m
Blue Mosque – 250 m
Sultanahmet Tramway – 400 m
Taksim Square – 3.4 km
İstanbul Modern – 2.2 km
İstanbul Airport – 48.0 km
Atatürk Airport – 20.0 km
Sabiha Gökçen Airport – 45.0 km
Hagia Sophia – 50 m
Topkapı Palace – 200 m
Basilica Cistern – 300 m
Bosphorus 1.5 km

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