Soğukçeşme Street

Soğukçeşme Street (Literally Cold Fountain) inherited by Selim III, is a hidden address located under the shadow of Topkapı Palace which was once the administrative center of Ottoman Empire for 400 years and right behind the Hagia Sophia. The Street with its cobblestones and the houses leaning on Sur-ı Sultani (Royal Walls) carries the traces of history.

In Soğukçeşme Street which is rich in historical buildings, there is also a Byzantine cistern belonging to Roman Era. Being constructed by Justinyanus I between 527 – 565 B.C, this cistern will be put into service in the near future. Located in an area closed to traffic, each Ottoman style house in this Street is named after the flower shrubs next to them as it was in the past.

All the intermediate documents (title deed, gravure and lithography) related to Soğuk Çeşme Sokağı is examined and we can say that this unique texture is a settlement area for more than 250 years.

Soğukçeşme’s Blossoming Bouquet…

  • Orkide (Orchid) Mansion
  • Gül (Rose) Mansion
  • Lavanta (Lavender) Mansion
  • Papatya (Daisy) Mansion
  • Menekşe (Viola) Mansion
  • Sümbül (Hyacinth) Mansion
  • Karanfil (Carnation) Mansion


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