It was built in 542 in the era of Justinian 1. The livnmtine Roman Emperor ( 527 – 565) in order to provide water to the big place and the other nearby building.

It’s a thousand and five hundred year – old water cistern with high domes carried by six massive columns and it’s made from bricks. In its last years, in 60s and 70s, it used to be a vehicle repair shop built over the piles of rubble.

This street which was designed by Çelik who converted the houses into a row of hotels and was the person who had the dust and soil that collected over time cleared as well as had it repaired and turned into a “Roman tavern”.

The ground was dug up to 7 meters deep to reach the level it is at now. The historical dimensions it used to have were preserved. The only thing that was added is the fireplace, with an antic style.

It is a romantic restaurant where there are almost 200 candles lit all at the same time, where live piano performances are held, where the best classical music is played and where there is a fireplace whose flames you will see dancing in winter.




Resting within the shadow of the HAGIA SOPHIA while brushing against the wall of the renowned TOPKAPI PALACE, this prime location earns Hagia Sofia Mansions a name amongst the most prestigious Hotels within the city.

Hippodrome Square – 200 m
Archaeology Museum – 650 m
Blue Mosque – 250 m
Sultanahmet Tramway – 400 m
Taksim Square – 3.4 km
İstanbul Modern – 2.2 km
İstanbul Airport – 48.0 km
Atatürk Airport – 20.0 km
Sabiha Gökçen Airport – 45.0 km
Hagia Sophia – 50 m
Topkapı Palace – 200 m
Basilica Cistern – 300 m
Bosphorus 1.5 km

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